4 Tips For Weary Job Seekers In Nigeria

jobseekerNigeria is a dynamic and prolific location for businessmen and job seekers from around the world. People visit the country regularly on business and some even relocate to settle in the country. Unfortunately, with the budding recession, many have been laid off and are in search of new jobs. Even citizens who return to the country are actively seeking job opportunities. Some have even been searching for over 3 months and have found the length of the process and the constant rejection discouraging.

For those struggling to gain an edge in the job market and find the position that suits their needs in Nigeria, JumiaTravel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site has 4 under-the-radar tips for weary job seekers in Nigeria.

Your C.V is not the most important thing
Most people assume that having a great CV or resume is the most important aspect of getting the job they are searching for, and so once they feel their document is on point, they do not really put effort into other areas of their life.  The thing though is that hiring managers these days prefer to get a much more accurate picture of who you are by evaluating your online persona. They research your social handles, work portfolio, published articles, as they tend to believe they would paint a better picture of you. It is therefore important that you ensure all your digital handles are strong and portray a good image of you.

An account on LinkedIn is crucial
The world is different now. The social media plays a huge role in almost every aspect of life now. Even hiring managers seem to be relying on the social media than the much older forms of media.  A platform that is most visited and considered and used by employers as their primary search tool is LinkedIn.  If you are really keen on landing the job you are searching for, you need to ensure you have an account on LinkedIn, and ensure you take as much advantage as you can.

Make Networking a Bigger Priority
Most people just apply for a job and sit at home, hoping and praying for a response. They spend every free and valuable time they have searching for more jobs online. Unfortunately, in doing so, they close themselves up and pass up opportunities to network with others. The thing about Nigeria though is, finding a job usually comes down to knowing the right people and usually, the best way to know people is by meeting them through mutual contacts or at events. Ensure you are getting out of your house and networking.  Put out the word that you are in search of a job and do not be shy in giving details about the kind of job you desire. You never know where you may find a link.
Make your interview as exciting as possible
No hiring manager looks forward to job interviews as the process is generally considered painful and draining. Basically, recruiting and job seeking is a vulnerable and time for everyone involved, and so they tend to respond better to candidate  who manage to bring energy and enthusiasm to their conversations.  Ensure you keep your conversations upbeat, but also do not stray from the main point.

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