We Have Nigeria To Blame For The Lack Of Constant Power Supply ~ Ghanaian President

John-MahamJohn Mahama, President of Ghana, faulted sporadic force cuts in his nation on Nigeria amid an Eid-el-fitr discourse. He says this is expected to the deferrals in the conveyance of unrefined petroleum from Nigeria to power warm plants in Ghana – in view of the exercises of Niger Delta Avengers, who have been exploding oil and gas pipelines in the Niger Delta.

The Niger Delta Avengers, yesterday, apparently exploded three Chevron manifolds at Diogbolo, close Dibi, Warri Local Government Area of Delta State, utilizing controlled touchy gadgets.

“We have as of late endured some generational issues. I held a partners’ meeting with every one of those included in the force segment. Due to attack in Nigeria on the terminals, raw petroleum that we requested a month ago has not arrived; thus it has made some generational issue for us.”

Nonetheless, he guaranteed Ghanaians that things will come back to ordinary soon. He said:

“We are making strides each day to guarantee that Ghana has security with regards to control.”

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