Frenemies or what? I got them, YOU got them, THEY got them


Frenemies..Frenemies, I got them, YOU got them, THEY got them.

Oh yes, I am back again with another deep poem of mine. Tell me somebody out there missed my presence!! This poem I believe a lot of you will understand. We have all been on both sides of the coin, the friend and the frenemy. I love both sides though as each makes you discover your true drive towards life, in its own way. Feel free to share your thoughts. Work Hard…Play Harder!!

Frenemies of mine…
the good, the bad, the ugly
We have truly come a long way
We have been through thick and thin
Ups and downs, straight and crooked
Yet we stand firm
It’s a relationship, a group of five
Small enough to be outnumbered
Too large to be invisible
Crazy and abnormal frenemies I say
But it’s amazing what love for the next can do
Have you heard of such before?
Nothing but love for your frenemies
An acquaintanceship it is
Love, hate, trust, distrust
We have it all
But we stand where we are
Possibilities of life, emotions complicated
Frenemies we remain

Much Love From this End!!

Written by Naomi Esume
Naomi Esume (Aka mimichukwu, mimz, or mimi) is family here at OlodoNation. You would be seeing creative write-ups from her on a regular basis. Check out her blog and follow her on IG @mimi_ese for updates. Contact olodonation for enquiries. 
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