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IamDodosWith the current ‘Instagram Baddie Makeup Look’ trend currently making its round online, let me take a moment to shout out all our online Instagram beauties. We see them on our timelines, modern day Cinderellas who, beyond reason, somehow understand the intricate relationship between the natural light flushing in through their bedroom windows and their Apple phone’s 8MP front camera. To our photo avengers, those melanin sisters that “woke up like this” – flawless, spotless and sometimes always on point. To the stunners, head-turners, the new generation millennials who with every tweet or post involuntarily psych the heck out of normal mortals like us into second guessing whether or not to upload our poorly lit android-phone taken photos. To all those filter-aficionados, who trade in likes and comments, those digitally immaculate ladies who seem to be from another planet. To those picture-perfect damsels who thrive on looking and acting the part. To you and every other person who craves for that ‘Instagram Baddie Look’, I dedicate this video.

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