6 things you should refrain from saying to solo female travelers


When Nigerians see lone female travelers, all sorts of thoughts flood into their mind. The most obvious question they ask themselves is why she is travelling alone? Oftentimes, than not, they frown at solo female travelers. This disposition is often hinged on either ethnicity or religion. The advantages of travelling alone as a female either from Olumirin waterfalls in Osun or the Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos cannot be overemphasized. In fact, there are now many women travelling alone.  It is important for you to know the things to  these women. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal points you to some of these things.

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You are travelling alone. What about your  friends or boyfriend?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because a woman is travelling alone she has no friends, family or even a boyfriend. It is always wonderful to have a travel mate while travelling. But, some women may just want an alone time, hence they hit the road for a thrilling vacation on their own. Besides, there is no written rule where her significant other should always travel with her.

Are you not scared?

There are lots of things that happen on the road that can freak out travelers including the female travelling alone. Of course, you will be terrified, but it doesn’t stop her from journeying solo. The fact is that men can’t be asked this question. She is aware of the risk before deciding to travel under her own steam. You don’t need to say anything to her.

Be safe

Typical Nigerians don’t hesitate to offer unsolicited advice. Although you may be genuinely concerned about her safety. Every traveler knows that their safety is paramount and not to wander aimlessly. Hence, it is not in your place to tell them.

Are you married?

For single women who are not travelling, they are always asked, are you married? This question pop up from time to time even  if they observe that you are not wearing a wedding band. So, when next you see a female traveler alone, don’t ask if she is married. Women feel uncomfortable with this question.

Don’t you ever get lonely?

It is awesome to always have a travel mate or companion that you can chat or share memorable moments with. It will definitely make you feel better. But since she is on her own, you don’t need to worry about being lonely. She will simply enmesh herself in the thrills and frills of the destination thus forgetting that you are alone.

You are so brave!

Yes! Women who travel alone are brave. You may consider it a compliment but women don’t find this statement funny at all. It is like you are eroding their independence, drive to travel and resourcefulness. Only brave women travel but you don’t have to say it to their faces!

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