(VIDEO) Female Kidnapper Stripped And Paraded Naked In Osun State

Osun-kidnapperA young, alleged female kidnapper was recently nabbed, stripped, beaten and paraded stark naked on the streets of Ilesha, Osun state, earlier today.

According to the witnesses, the lady had been attempting to kidnap an innocent little girl when nemesis caught up with her. They claim the child was following her without even being aware of where she was being led to.

It can be seen in the video as a quite furious mob attempted to strip her naked which he was unable to but later had water poured on her body so as to lubricate her skin and finally allow her dress to slide freely off her body.

The little girl who was going to be kidnapped by the lady, can be seen later on in the video as the kidnapper is held by the hand and paraded around the street with a huge crowd cheering “Ole!”.

Viewer discretion advised

Watch the video below but be warned, the below video could be disturbing to some viewers:

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