Some Of The Chibok Girls Died During Childbirth ~ Mother Of Rescued Chibok Girl, Amina Ali, Speaks To BBC

Amina-AliThe mother of Amina Ali, who is a part of the Chibok school girls who was rescued in May this year after being in Boko Haram captivity for over two years, spoke to BBC about her daughter Amina.

According to her, Amina told her that some of the girls she was kidnapped alongside with died during childbirth while others were killed during bomb attacks.

“She said some of the girls died in childbirth. Others were killed by bombs. Some girls were deafened by the explosions. Some of the girls were wounded and their legs were broken”.

According to Amina’s mother, some of the girls were given out as wives to Boko Haram fighters “The man my daughter was given to was from Mubi. He was a mechanic when Boko Haram came. Everyone one ran away but he was under a car didn’t see them coming. They captured him and Amina was given to him as wife. He told her that they should run away that night. He promised to reunite Amina and her family even if it will cost him his life. My mind is at rest. Right now, we are not together but we do talk on the phone. At the moment, I don’t know if she is back in school or not. Before I left her she wasn’t in school. Amina said she doesn’t want to go to school again. She told the president that she wants the government to buy her sewing machines. She wants to learn tailoring and to own a shop”

Amina-aliiShe said she wept when she met her daughter after she was rescued

“When I saw her, I hugged her and started to cry. Amina said “Mama you should be happy I came out alive. Two years and three months and now you see me, let’s be thankful. Then I held her in my arms. I was crying tears of joy.”

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