(VIDEO) Find Out Which Of The ‘5 Types of Friends’ You Are cc @Mzz_kemmie

Types of FriendsKemmie Ola, writer and social media enthusiast recently started blogging on youtube. Her channel is named after her, with the tagline ‘…that random girl’; a rather apt description of her personality.

Her videos are based on random happenings in daily life and how she handles them. With a combination of fast talk, energy and engaging topics, she incorporates some comedy to make the videos more interesting for viewers, and uses examples that the average person can relate to. Kemmie Ola is definitely someone to watch.

We won’t bore you with anymore details. Watch and you are sure going to enjoy!


(VIDEO) Ain't These Just 'The Most Annoying Things in Life' cc @Mzz_kemmie pic.twitter.com/79e0ng74iV
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