To be great is to be misunderstood #OLODOM



Good day folks, it’s a great day for y’all I presume… I believe in the law of projected happiness and I’m projecting my happiness unto y’all.

Today’s OLODOM is about greatness, and ultimately the price you have to pay for being great.

It’s a lonely, uneasy road filled with unpredictability, pit-stops, obstacles and a whole lot of gnawing monsters.

And it is more annoying because no one sees what you see… so you are just running solo through your path to greatness and every decision you make seems stupid, random, rash.

And a few lucky ones gets to have that one person or few people they can actually relate to their situation. But most don’t and need to keep reminding themselves that they are actually sane.

So if you have a severe case of being misunderstood, you are either destined for greatness or you’re just a crazy person… Ciao

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