Barka de Sallah!!! See tips on how to spend the Eid el Kabir Holiday

Happy Eid el Kabir, it feels great to wake up on a Monday morning without the rush for work – you know that feeling of not having to yield to the buzz of the alarm or face the crazy traffic – especially if you live in Lagos. To make it better, getting two consecutive days after the weekend off work to make the weekend longer than usual is glorious – except you are a workaholic.

Eid el Kabir holiday

The Id El Kabar holiday is here and I just want to share with you some interesting activities you can engage in during this period. Quickly before I do so, Muslims also call this celebration Ileya (this is the long awaited holiday when a RAM is killed).

So Saturday, Sunday, Today and Tomorrow is a holiday for you, how do you spend the holiday?

1. Pamper Yourself:

For many the last time they had a holiday was during the Ramadan period and since then, it has been work upon work. Now is a good time to relax, refresh and give yourself a treat. Go for a mini vacay at Golden Tulip Festac, Whispering Palms Beach Resort or Four Point by Sheraton. These top hotels have been well accorded for their fine services. Whispering Palms Beach Resort for example is one of the resorts in Lagos people sought after as it is located in a very serene environment – almost away from civilization – nature lovers love this resort!

2. Achieve a Goal:

Put an end to that chore or activity you have been procrastinating. You are thinking – no, four days is too little, I need a full week to finish up, that just another excuse. Start now! You want to read a book? Do so! You want study for exams? Do so! You need to do some chores? Do it! Complete or start a goal you have set out for so long to embark and you will be glad you did.

3. Have Fun:

If you a party fanatic or love outdoor activities, then consider Go Kart Racing, visiting the beach or the mall. At the mall you can feed your eyes with a lot of new items in stores, shop or see a movie. Though I would not really advise you visit the mall as it may be jam-packed during the holiday – it’s worth a try if you stay pretty close. You can also go dancing or participate in gyrating events that are happening around your area.

4. Visit Your Muslim Friends:

If you are a meat lover, now is a good time to pay a visit to your Muslim friends and also join in the celebration. Visiting them is also a good way of showing support and catching up on the latest gist and bond.

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