‘I will f**king laser you with alien f**king eyes’ ~ Kanye West tells the Fashion Industry

Kanye West slammed the fashion industry in a new interview, threatening extra-terrestrial violence against his haters and critics.


Speaking with W magazine for a Q&A published on Thursday, September 15, the “Famous” rapper, 39, lamented that he is undervalued as a designer. In case you were wondering how the dad of two feels about that, well, here’s his message: “I will f**king laser you with alien f**king eyes and explode your f**king head. Shut the f**k up.”

During his chat with the fashion mag, the hip-hop star attempted to explain his fraught relationship with the fashion industry by comparing himself to Penelope from Disney’s 2012 animated film, Wreck-It Ralph.

“OK, so you know when Penelope puts together her car? And she’s like, ‘Made it myself,’ and everybody that has professional cars, they say, ‘Look at you with your little car and you’re going to do this,’ and then they break her car, right?” he said. “That’s basically the fashion world to me.”

And if that analogy didn’t help connect the dots for you, West also tried to explain his perspective by drawing a parallel between himself and Will Ferrell’s character Buddy from 2003’s comedy Elf.

“I’m the elf that’s Will Ferrell, that’s too big for his hands to make the toys. But he wants to make the toys. Why? Not just so he could play with them, but he wants to bring joy to the world,” he told W. “I am a creator and it’s my responsibility. I build things that mean things to people. I make the Christmas presents.”

However, the style-minded musician added: “I don’t think there’s anyone on my side.”

West’s Yeezy Season 4 debut, held Wednesday, September 8, on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, started two hours late, infuriating showgoers and notable names within the fashion community. The presentation — in which models fainted and struggled to walk in plastic, sky-high heels — was met with harsh criticism.

Among those who lambasted Ye’s show was Women’s Wear Daily editor Jessica Iredale. Hours after attending the presentation, she wrote an unsparing review attacking his indifference for people’s time, as well as his lack of creativity.

“To a great extent, fashion and the press have only ourselves to blame. We’ve been world-class enablers of Kanye West, allowing him to put us at his mercy,” she wrote. “[It was] a collection that was at best predictable … [West] clung to unoriginal territory: oversize hoodies, parkas, T-shirts, bra tops and tight-knit tank dresses in pale colors, mostly worn with over-the-knee boots.”

Iredale added: “It’s almost surprising West, who is quick to congratulate his own creativity, continues to rely on something that’s become a bore.”

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