When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat #OLODOM https://t.co/jvPrFeWFYP

Happy Sunday folks, hope y’all having a swell weekend at least a tenth of mine? Today’s OLODOM is about Leadership.


One of the most misconceived word is the word ‘Leader’ *drumrolls*. According to ‘feedback’, a Leader is ‘the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country‘; and it goes without saying that people take the command part too serious.

A true leader however is someone with the capability of projecting a particular idea, belief, ideal unto his followers making them at least 110% as believing as he is.

What Ronald Reagan was trying to shed light on *see what I did there?* is that when your followers can’t seem to see the big picture you are trying to illuminate *yeah… yeah* then you need to give them a tip of the iceberg, a small fish in a rather big pond, a glimmer of hope ** and you’d be surprised at how much believe they’d have in the bigger picture.

Being a leader doesn’t just end with having a lot of people following you, it is a s much important that you get them to share your vision… make them feel the heat little by little till they finally see the light… Ciao

(PICZ) Our Man Crush This Week: Nonso Diobi (@iam_nonsodiobi) #OMCM https://t.co/mwo03LpQcU
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