Com. Emma Eseigbe encourages women to develop better leadership qualities

In a lecture delivered at the Women development program organised by FABPAN Group Nigeria in Abuja, Com. Eseigbe Emmanuel has stated the need for women to develop better leadership skill.

Com. Emma who was a major facilitator for this year’s program, facilitated 4 different topic during the one week workshop .

leadership skill

While parenting his lecture at the closing ceremony which held at the Ladi Kwali hall of sheraton hotels Abuja, the 2014 Africa Democracy Ambassador stated that the Nigerian state may fall on the women to save it, hence the need for women to prepare and work endlessly to be better leaders and possibly change the Nigerian story.

In his lecture, He stated that GENDER LEADERSHIP GAP was a major problem and that the leadership gap is not confined to business alone, unions , religious institutions, the legal profession, academia and many other institutions also exhibit this gap, In the nonprofit sector, women are more likely to be in leadership positions, but they remain underrepresented, he said’.

He added that achieving gender parity in leadership is, first and perhaps most important, a matter of fairness. Leaders are powerful, so when women are excluded from top leadership, they are denied power to make a difference in the world.

He identified the pipeline problems as PERSISTENT SEX DISCRIMINATION, CAREGIVING AND WOMEN’S “CHOICES, LACK OF EFFECTIVE NETWORKS AND MENTORS, STEREOTYPES AND BIAS, and said of all the last was the worst, also said part of the solutions was these regular training of the girl child and that this kinda training cant be too much as its needed to support the girl child achieve her dreams without fears of been stereotyped or abused.

Other topics facilitated by the Democracy Ambassador at this years workshop includes, Women-in-Enterprise, Women and Leadership Transforming Visions and Current Contexts, Barriers and Bias The Status of Women in Leadership and participants commended his knowledge of the topics and hope to attend more seminars where he’d be facilitating topics of Leadership and Democracy.

The next edition promises to host more participants possibly get a female representatives from all 36 states of the federation.

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