A gang of 19 Nigerian ATM robbers arrested in Sharjah, UAE

19 Nigerian ATM robbers have been arrested in the Middle-East over acts of petty financial crimes that have frustrated citizens.

Nigerian ATM robbers

Gangs of 19 Nigerian robbers, who targeted ATM vehicles and fled with Dh1.8 million, have been arrested, according to the Sharjah Police.

The suspects were arrested from several apartments occupied by 30 to 40 people of the same nationalities.

According to Khaleej Times, the Nigerian robbers had come to the country on visit visas specifically to commit the robberies. They assaulted security guards accompanying the vehicles to carry out the robberies.

Addressing a Press conference, Colonel Rashid bin Bayat, director of police operations department, said the robbers committed four daring and violent robberies targeting money transportation vehicles that were delivering cash to ATMs.

The first robbery was committed at the ATM of the Dubai Commercial Bank on King Abdul Aziz Road, where the robbers assaulted security guards and fled with Dh340,000. After two days, the gang struck again, this time at an ATM near Saferr Mall in Al Nahda area, where they fled with Dh700,000.

They then attacked a cash tramsportation vehicle in Al Muweilah area, making off with Dh710,000. A fourth attack at an ATM on Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road was foiled by the police.

Veiled faces of some of the robbery suspects

According to the police, the suspects transferred a part of the robbed money to Nigeria. The police have recovered the rest and restored it to their owners.

Col. Al Bayat said that the gang members entered the country on visit visas and carried out the robberies after assaulting security guards. the gangs were busted in a short period of time after the robberies were reported.

The suspects were identified and arrested based on CCTV footages obtained from the banks and money exchange offices, said the police.

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