Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one #OLODOM

Happy Sunday folks… I presume y’all missed me and the weekly wisdom I dish out (for the elderly ones, it is your wisdom we look up to… you can’t blame a young Gee for trying). Today’s OLODOM is about attitude.

Attitude is ‘a settled way of thinking or feeling about something’, our attitude influences our reactions to particular situations.

Our attitude is super important, and ensuring we adopt the right one can go a long way in determining our state of mind. Our attitude determines how well we handle situations.

What person A will experience and be unaffected by it, person B will experience the same and be thrown into a state of utter confusion. A person’s attitude is the difference between a person determined to succeed no matter how many times he/she fails and another person that can’t even trudge on just at the thought of failing.

Adopting the right attitude might seem so easy… but it’s not… and not impossible either. It takes fine-tuning, every second, minute, hour etc. Just ensuring that you keep at it is a right attitude in its own… Ciao

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