Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life #OLODOM

Happy Sunday folks, the month is finally halfway… I personally think this month is slow; and I know you, you and you will disagree. Today’s OLODOM is about Happiness.

happy moment

Happiness is misconceived by most people; for those that actually believe in happiness. You rarely meet people that truly experience true happiness. It is most common that people assume there’s happiness waiting for them in the future (no matter how far it is); some even take it so far as waiting till ‘after-life’.

The way we try to postpone our happiness is the major reason why most people live an unfulfilling life. I personally, believe in enjoying each passing moment of life. Why live if you can’t strive to enjoy every moment of your life.

Today is Sunday, a sunny, bright, cheerful day… enjoy this moment as it only comes once… Ciao

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