Funke Adesiyan advises Tuface Idibia & others to join politics instead of protesting against FG

Nollywood actress and producer, Funke Adesiyan has urged Tuface Idibia and other celebrities who have decided to take part in a massive Nationwide protest on February, 5, 2017 to stop the protest and join politics instead.

She wrote;

“When people ask me why I joined politics, I tell them from the truest of my heart that it is because I got tired of how things were being done in my country. It’s not enough for us to protest, it’s more important for us, youths of this beloved nation to get involved in governance. You could try many times before achieve it.

Even if you fail all the time, you are a champion amongst those who didn’t try at all. Lets look around us, we will realize that we the youths are the driving force of our nation. We are smart, intelligent, agile and we possess many more special qualities. Let’s not waste it protesting to a deaf horse.

I hereby advice we the youths of this nation, the most important part of nation building to rise and OCCUPY governance. Contest for public offices and be the change you so desire. God bless us all and God bless Nigeria. Funke Adesiyan. @seunoloketuyi @gbobaniyifemidavies @baddosneh @official2baba”

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  1. If you’re of the view that creative change can only be made by those in politics then you should have lived your life in the pre-independence era. Revolutionary change has been known to be achieved by men and women outside politics, because they chose to speak out and keep demanding change. The will of the people is strong and united we can do great things. Not everyone can or wants to hold a political post.

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