Social media erupts as Donald Trump reportedly tells female staffers to ‘dress like women’

Donald Trump reportedly wants his female staffers to “dress like women,” according to a new report released on Thursday, February 2, and the Internet reacted majorly.

Two reporters from Axios, a new media company created by the co-founder of Politico, spoke with sources who worked on the president’s campaign trail, and among the many revelations that surfaced, one that stood out was how the real estate mogul feels about aesthetics.

According to the source, Trump, 70, likes women who work for him “to dress like women.” Essentially, the source said, “Even if you’re in jeans, you need to look neat and orderly.” The source added that many women who worked on the president’s campaign trail felt pressured to wear dresses in order to impress Trump.

Social media immediately lit up with responses from women around the globe who took offense to the former Apprentice host’s alleged misogynistic remarks.

Another revelation from the Axios report included the fact that Trump is a sucker for a good tie. “You’re always supposed to wear a tie. If it’s not a Trump tie, you can get away with Brooks Brothers,” the source said. “But I’d suggest Armani.”

In December, it was Trump’s own bold red tie that made headlines after the businessman-turned-politician exited a plane in Indiana and had his tie blown back over his shoulder.

Photos from the moment reveal that the president had affixed two pieces of clear tape to keep the tie in place, using reliable Scotch tape instead of a proper tie bar.

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