The best thing to hold onto in life is each other #OLODOM

Good day folks, I would like to assume – for the sake of world peace – that y’all missed me. Today’s OLODOM is about love.

I’m yet to find a more satisfactory feeling than waking up and feeling wanted by someone – you need to see the way my laptop stares at me when I wake up, like ni**a… let’s get cracking – and just imagine if multiple people feel the same about you.

Being a part of someone’s life is no mere feat, it translates to you crossing their mind without any reason; it’s just your turn to take a stroll down that lane.

Considering the fact that we don’t have much control in someone making us a part of their lives, we can make an effort to make people a part of ours.

I have not seen anything as sweet and therapeutic as love… let’s love each other, not non-living things (How dare you refer to my laptop as non-living?) and maybe, just maybe… the world can be a better place and Trump can be pushed out of office.

On a final note… starting from today… stop taking that friendship for granted as you don’t want to be alone when the tide gets rough.

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