Your smile gives you positive countenance, making people comfortable around you #OLODOM

Good day folks, waking up at the smiling Sun can really influence one’s thought; like if the sun can still smile while it burns your skin, why can’t you smile? Except you have brown teeth… then no one can really judge you. Today’s OLODOM is about the effects of a genuinely flashed set of teeth aka Smile.


The power behind a smile is priceless, it makes others around you relaxed; it influences others to smile; it makes you approachable.

For those who believe smiling is a sign of weakness… come, let me tell about V for Vendetta.

The often you smile, the less tense you become, hence you are stronger as a result. Emitting that glow of ‘I have a wonderful life and there’s nothing worth frowning about’ is the magnetic pull needed to attract people towards you. people have enough worries and they’d rather no one brings their bundled up face to add to their problem.

Hey you, you and you… smile today… maybe not for you but you could be the reason someone else will smile today… Ciao

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