Unexploded World War II bomb discovered near Frankfurt airport

An unexploded bomb dating back to World War II has been found near Frankfurt airport, the police said.

It said that it was set for a controlled detonation later on Monday, according to German police officials in the city of Darmstadt. The bomb weighs around 250 kg and was discovered at 1:30 p.m. in a field in the vicinity of the town of Kelsterbach.

Officials are planning to defuse the bomb at around 11 pm, and have blocked a highway and a train line for that purpose. People traveling by car have been told to circumvent the area, as traffic is likely to be heavily disrupted.

Certain buildings belonging to the airport will be affected as well, but Frankfurt airport’s management company Fraport said that it was unlikely that air traffic would be affected. It is a standard practice for air traffic to stop at Frankfurt airport at 11 p.m.

An area of around 700 metres around where the bomb was found has been cordoned off for safety reasons by the police. An industrial complex, a hotel as well as building housing refugees are within the vicinity of the bomb, according to police.

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