4 women gang-rapes male teacher in Zimbabwe

A Zimbabwean teacher from Lupane was on Friday, February 17, 2017, kidnapped, drugged and gang-raped by four women, suspected to be ‘Sperm harvesters.’

4 women gang-rapes male teacher in Zimbabwe

The victim whose man name was withheld reportedly woke up naked in the bush, feeling extremely weak on Saturday morning. The man who already has filed a complaint at Lupane police station, said he was sexually abused for hours by a group of four light skinned women who gave him a lift on Friday night.

Speaking to Chronicle, a police source said the victim was given a lift in a Toyota Quantum with five people on board, four women and a man who was driving the vehicle.

‘The teacher was intending to travel to Bulawayo on Friday night. He was given a lift by the group of women who were traveling in a Quantum with South African number plates.

The man said the women were speaking IsiNdebele and another language that he could not understand.

‘After some time, the driver diverted the route and one of the women told him that they wanted to pick up someone,’ the source said.

He also stated that after the driver stopped the car, one of the women quickly covered his eyes while others held his feet and hands together.

‘The man said they forced him to drink a substance from a bottle and he passed out. He suspects that they sexually assault him and took away his semen as he woke up at 5AM naked with a weak body and bruised private part.

After wearing his clothes, which were left on the scene, he walked to the main road where he boarded a lift to Lupane police station and filed a report,’ the source added.
The man was later taking to St Luke’s Hospital for treatment.

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