Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art #OLODOM

Good day lovelies!!! The month of February is nearing an end… how well has it treated you? Getting close to achieving those milestones you Today’s OLODOM is about age.

One of the most taken-advantage-of gift is our ‘youth’… most people waste away their youth without a hint that they are.

A moment for maximum hard-work and flexing that is required to be balanced equilateral.

As important as the gift of youth is; it is more important to age the right way because like a blank paper… it’s the wielder of the pen that determines the value of the final artwork.

The difference between a fulfilled life and a not-so-fulfilled one ranges from one to a billion wrong choices. As there’s not perfect being… we can only try to minimize these wrong choices.

Starting from the most important one… how valuable would you want your artwork to be?

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