See the shocking new dress code for University of Lagos students


A new dress code for University of Lagos students has been released by the Management of the school.

See the shocking new dress code for University of Lagos students

In a circular released by the school, they warned against tight outfits, revealing outfits and skirts above the knees.

Lecturers have also been empowered to send improperly dressed students out of the classroom.

The circular read, “The management warned undergraduates to desist from wearing tight outfits and those that expose sensitive parts of the body.

“It has been observed that some male and female students of the University of Lagos dress indecently on campus, even to lectures. Indecent dresses are either too tight, too short or expose sensitive parts of the body.

“Students should maintain a clean and well-cared for appearance in all settings on campus. Wearing of tight, strapless and revealing clothes whose length are above the knees are inappropriate.

Henceforth, male and female UNILAG students are not allowed to wear the following:

i. All tight-fitting clothes including skirts, trousers and blouses

ii. All clothes, which reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the bust, chest, belly, upper arms and the buttocks. Example of such dresses are transparent clothing, spaghetti tops, tubes and. Skirts and dresses with slits above the knees fall in this category.

iii. Outfits such as knickers and mini-skirts, dresses, which are not at least, knee length.

iv. Inappropriate outfits e.g party-wear, beach wear and bathroom slippers should not be worn to lectures.

v. Outfits such as T-shirts, skirts and jeans, which carry obscene and subliminal messages.

vi. Trousers such as hip-riders and low waist jeans.


I saw this coming tho… sighs

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