15 Used items to sell online for the most cash

The disuse of old items often happen slowly and nearly go unnoticed until they’re amassed into an entire ‘junk pile’ overtime. When we realize we do not have need for certain items anymore, we shove them aside and never get around to taking them out of the houses or lives. The sentimental attachments we’ve developed overtime and the procrastinating factor that is time, leave these items creating clutter and taking up space in our homes. The proverbial ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, lays forward the fact that the things we no longer need and are willing to throw out, maybe useful to others. That being said, online markets have brought us the simple solution of getting rid of these used items, without leaving the comfort of our homes and making money in the process.

used items


Sell Makeup– You can’t sell used makeup, but if you have brushes, palettes, or even samples in good condition you can wash, clean them up and resell. Just make sure to inform the buyer that they are a used items.

Sell kitchen items– We all have kitchen equipment that we no longer use and ones we realized we simply have no use for after buying. Most married couples are gifted excess kitchen equipment and even double of the basic kitchen equipment and utensils. Because Kitchen utensils go out of style, selling off the ones not in use on time will give you the most cash you can get for the items.

Sell Gently Used Home Décor– You’re about to move to a new place and are looking to change color theme and style, selling off your old décor can give you the cash you need to make the changes you want.

Sell your Electronics– Technology is on an upward spiral and new versions and style of electronics are produced daily, yet, most electronic devices are useful as long as they are working properly. Depending on how well you have kept your electronic device in shape, you can get a really good sum for your used electronics. You might also want to consider topping up the cash gotten from the sale to get an upgrade version of the device.

Sell your gadget– Like electronics, gadgets sell very well online, used game pads, game DVDs, earpiece, portable speakers, keyboards, laptop bags are other accessories in demand. So don’t just sell the device, sell the accessories as well.

Sell Furniture– Furniture sells online because of the variety that can be gotten all in one place. Taking good pictures from a lot of different angles will give you good advantage as buyers can see the overall beauty of the furniture.

Sell Maternity Clothes– Maternity clothes always go out of style for you after you after child bearing. Selling them to other pregnant women that have current need for them, not only helps you get rid of them, but gives you cash as well.

Sell Children’s Clothing & toys– The kids are growing and they have stopped using some certain toys and clothes. Don’t throw them out, sell them instead.

Sell Vintage & Luxury– No don’t need to take a loan when in dire need of cash. Make money off your designer bag, vintage clothing, luxury art designs and precious stones. You can always acquire new ones later.

Sell Your Phone– Used phones are always in demand. Sell your used phone and get the upgrade version, resell used phones to make quick cash. Some luxury phones give great monetary value even after being used.

Sell Concert, show & Festival Tickets– If you bought a concert ticket and you no longer feel like attending the event, you can sell your ticket and even get a little on extra cash on top if the tickets are already sold out.

Sell Shoes– Sell your shoes! Everyone loves shoes. If the heels are intact and the bodice still looks good, they can be worn over and over again.

Sell Old Books– Don’t you just love the smell of old books! Books never go out of style, hey can be sold at any time. Some books in 1st / older cover editions are seen as artifacts and can be resold and great prices than latest cover versions.

Sell Your Car– Used cars are bought more often than new ones because of the huge price difference between both. Used cars can also be sold in scraps and cash is made on each part.

Sell Your Clothes & Accessories– Used clothes and accessories are the number one selling items in local markets as well as the online market. Wash and clean up used clothes and accessories and put them up for sale.


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Written by: Oro Akporhonor


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