Tips for diversifying sex life in marriage


When families fall apart, husbands or wives leave their loved ones, we blame anyone, but not our own laziness and unwillingness to try some sexual fantasies. According to statistics, 95% of divorces happen due to sexual incompatibility or inaction and monotony in bed. What measures should you take to preserve your relationship and find harmony in sex? Read on for tips to better manage your sex life.

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Tips for men

If you started to get attracted to other women, use your imagination and try some role playing ideas, like the game called “The stranger.” Imagine that you just met with your wife, dress your best suit, freshen yourself with a good perfume, and invite her to a restaurant. If your romantic evening ends up as a passionate night of love, you’ll greatly enhance sensuality and refresh your relationship.

And, of course, don’t forget about the erotic massage for your wife. There’s no need to do it too often, but if your loved one asks you, why not just try it for a change?

Tips for women

To diversify your sex life in marriage, buy an erotic nightgown and learn a couple of moves from some oriental dance. This will give a stunning result! Men literally fall in love with their wives and start looking at them from another perspective after this. There is nothing more terrible than spouse losing sexual attraction to his wife. Especially it concerns those women who have recently become mothers. A few extra pounds are not an excuse to give up and start wearing formless men’s clothes. Say “no” to your laziness and, if there is not enough time for morning exercises, go to a luxury lingerie store. If you want to impress your loved one, do something for it! No man can resist his wife’s erotic dance in a transparent red or black shirt. It’s your weapon that will definitely hit the target! This will be the first step towards a revival of your passion to each other.

In case if your husband loves something more thrilling, you can ask him to try role playing games. A lot of men would enjoy the game of doctor and patient. Since most representatives of the stronger sex are attracted to young nurses, it’s a winning option for women. All you need is to find a silk medical gown and buy white lingerie. If your husband enjoyed the game, these new impressions will remain with him for a long time and maybe he’ll offer you to try something exotic himself.

You can also try an erotic massage for your husband; it always works. A massage can be used both separately and as an addition to other methods described in this article.

Tips for both

A joint vacation can become a perfect time for refreshing your sexual relationship. If both of you are willing to experiment, you can turn a boring vacation into an exciting erotic adventure. Even if you have lived with each other for many years, try to forget everyday problems and remember the beginning of your relationship.

Leave the children with your parents or friends, pack your stuff, and get room in some resort town motel for a few days. Walk along the beach and look into each other’s eyes, surrounded by thousands of night lights. If you want to try something new, make love right on the beach, listening to the sounds of waves. Want something more? Rent a yacht for a couple of hours and have sex right in the sea.

Use your imagination and come up with your own sex games. But remember that role playing games work only if both of you are OK with trying them. Besides, if you start abusing them, they’ll lose their effect quickly.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Use all methods that can save your relationship. Sex in a new place can arouse sensuality and open a new chapter in your life, which will surely help you get the old feelings back.

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