Omoni Oboli caused a stir after asking if one can have a bath in the public for $10 million

Omoni Oboli posted this picture on her Instagram page with the inscription  “can you take your bath in the public for $10 million”?

omoni oboli

She then wrote: “What kind of question is this? Didn’t we all come to this world naked? ??? I just posed this question in the car now. @tomesadeoye said it depends on what kind of public and do you get to choose the time of day ? My driver said he won’t even think about it, that even if it’s market! #Dead #JustForLaffs #LifeIsTooShortToWasteItBeingSad
Tag your peeps to find out what their answers will be #LiveLoveLaugh”

You don’t need to ask me, I believe you already know what my answer would be. So, can you take your bath in the public for $10 million?

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