O’s Model Of The Week: Andrew Ghent #OSMOTW


Andrew Ghent was born and raised in Rochester NY, At age 19; his curiosity, bravery, and most of all his ambition led him to relocating to Atlanta GA alone to follow his heart and pursue his dream in the entertainment industry.

 Andrew’s passion for entertaining comes from inspiring the uninspired. As Andrew continues to fight his own negative thoughts and self doubt, his goal in the entertainment industry or as a role model in general is to encourage others to fight off theirs as well and attack their fears head on.

Over the last three years Andrew Ghent has participated in many different fashion shows and events around the country. Starting it off in Atlanta GA, where he became the male face of Stampede School of modeling, later traveling to North Carolina, soon after headed to Chicago, then made his way to NY for NY fashion week.

There he met the phenomenal designer/mentor Clavon Leonard. Shortly after meeting with Clavon, Mr. Leonard took Andrew under his wing because he believed in Andrews ability to be the best!

In 2015, Andrew Ghent signed with Clavons agency ,ClavonMTM. Since he’s been signed with Mr. Leonard, Andrew has traveled to Washington DC, Atlantic City, Los Angeles, NY, and a opportunity to travel to New Zealand for the official Mercedes Bens fashion week. A couple months after January 2016, Andrew was published in 3 different magazines. He was blessed to be in iFashion magazine , Elléments magazine, and featured in Miss Sis magazine with R-Kelly daughter Ariiraye.

Recently, Andrew just came back from NY fashion week 2017 representing Clavons Wear at Clavons first official opening show. Andrew’s been starting his acting career off by doing background work and working behind different movie scenes to get a feel for the actor life. He has been blessed to be featured on CW’s the “Originals” and “STAR” on Fox. Andrew had his first speaking line in a movie called “21 O’day” produced by Brandon Holland.

To sum it up, Andrew Ghent is determined, focused, and working hard to reach his goals and to be the best he can be. Along the way to greatness, he wishes to touch as many hearts and inspire as many individuals as possible to go after for what they want with out allowing self doubt to stop them.


Instagram: @_andrewghent

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