Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 3: The Last Straw

Have you been watching the latest TV Drama series to hit the Nigerian Television scene, INDUSTREET? If you’ve not been doing that, it’s not too late to hop on it as Episode 3 just aired on Africa Magic Urban and you can watch episodes you’ve missed on!

industreetINDUSTREET is a music oriented television drama based on the African entertainment scene starring Funke Akindele Bello, Linda Ejiofor, Lydia Forson, Leo Ugochukwu, Daddy Freeze, Kay Switch, Igwe 2Pac among others.

The Cut Throat Music Industry

Eazy (Mo Eazy) is mad and getting ready to leave Fire Records mansion after catching AKG (Kayswitch) in bed with his girl, Jane (Ruby Agwu).  But of course, AKG’s manager, the ever-cunning Shina (Akah Nnani) and the boot-licker, Osas, playing both sides, manage to pacify and give him reasons to stay back. After considering the effects of his songwriter and producer – pretty much his talent – leaving the label on his career, AKG suddenly humbles himself and apologises to Eazy – even making big promises to sweeten the deal. With AKG’s selfish trend so far, will he keep his promises? We’ll see.

Just when Eazy is gearing up to perform with AKG, he breaks the bad news that the organisers insist only AKG’s solo single will be performed; Eazy is frustrated by this news only to see AKG performing their song alone on stage. He storms out of the award show while AKG and his hype man, Osas perform to the amazement of the crowd.

AKG & Eazy go way back, why is AKG doing this to him, is he scared his “boy” will outshine him?

No Impossibilities

Tony (Leo Ugochukwu) and his PA, Diane (Linda Ejiofor) are at the office for a meeting where he’s getting his ass handed to him by the boss, Francesca (Funke Akindele-Bello) who insists he gets Wizkid and Tiwa savage on the roaster for her upcoming event. She gets a call where tony overhears her trying to get the rights to D Dream’s hit single, Controller. Tony, being the opportunist and never say never guy he is, tells her he can get the rights as D Dream was signed under his label. Diane is worried as she knows it’s false but Tony plays it off “You know there’s nothing like impossibility in my dictionary”.

A Helping Hand

After losing his eyes in the accident that claimed the life of his fast-rising best friend and benefactor, D Dream (Obadice), Sonorous (Olasunkanmi Omokanye) laments on the hospital bed about his predicament and the fact that he’s homeless – as going back to live with D Dream’s parents at this point is a no no. Ahmed (Nathan Bondo) offers to house him after paying his bills.

The Doctor informs Ahmed that Sonorous’ left eye has been destroyed and he won’t be able to see with that eye. Ahmed is down but his cousin Ada (Tomike Alayande) cheers him up, making him understand despite the tragedy, he needs to pick himself up and get sonorous back in the studio recording. Ada even pledges her support as she’s an event host & OAP for one of the leading radio stations. Who says family doesn’t come through in times of need?

E Go Better

Fever’s (Tobi Makinde) baby mama visits him in his one room apartment with their baby. She’s in a sour mood complaining about being broke and pressure from her mom talking about Tobi not taking charge. He tells her he used his life savings to purchase a laptop he uses for his production jobs and gives her the little he had on him.

And The Winner Is…

In preparation for the night’s award show, Tony gifts his reggae artiste, Small G (Fricker Quadri Raji) a jacket ensuring he looks his best when he bags the award. Diane thinks he’s giving small G false hopes as she doesn’t believe he can win with top acts like Adekunle Gold in his category. But Tony is up to something.

The award starts with AKG winning one with his hit single “Going Down”. Eazy is looking his best getting ready for his debut performance on stage as promised by AKG earlier. Star act, TT (Judith Anoliefo) gets on stage to perform and immediately, Tony has his eyes set on having her on his label.

Tony’s connect at the award, the promoter (Ushbebe) assures him Small G will win the award but to his utter surprise, Immaculate wins the award presented by Lolo and Puffy Tee. With his entourage, Tony storm out of the award show.

In a bid to get a refund of the money paid to guarantee Small G winning the award, Tony has his thugs abduct and torture the show promoter till he does the transfer.

Boiling Point

While scrolling through snapchat, Eazy sees his ex’s update about the video shoot for his and AKG’s single going on without him. He storms the venue and shuts it down knocking AKG out with a punch to the face.

Has Eazy finally decided to leave Fire Records for good? How will he survive? Will AKG get another writer, be forced to step up or go begging Eazy?

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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  1. It was really entertaining, befor it was stopped on African magic urban, I want to find out why it was stopped

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