Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 4: On The Rise

If you didn’t catch the recap of Industreet Season 1 Episode 3 last week, here’s your chance to do just that.

Last episode ended with Eazy Crashing AKG’s video shoot. Here’s what followed.

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You Need A Man

During her visit, Francesca’s mom tries talking her into getting a man but she (Francesca) doesn’t feel the need to rush anymore since she has a daughter already. Her mom gets a bit pissed and decides to go back home but she calms her down.

After getting off the call with tony, Francesca request updates from her PA on getting Rihanna’s “Work”. Her mom points out she’s all about work but she dismisses her and suggests they go have lunch.

A Heartfelt Tribute

Sonorous is having self-esteem issues as his confidence has been badly hit since he lost his left eye. He doesn’t think he has what it takes make good music anymore but Mary (Pearl Agwu) encourages him and is ready to do whatever it takes to get him back on his feet.

In the very emotional scene that follows, they record and rehearse a tribute song for D Dream

Living in Bondage

TT prepares to leave for the same burial, as her taxi is waiting. Her dad complains about Chairman’s (TT’s boss) refusal to get her the car he promised as part of her contract and asks if it’s necessary she attends, but TT insists on attending and honouring her late colleague.

TT Presents the budget for her music video shoot at a meeting with Chairman, but he gets angry and tells her manager she will be sacked if she (manager) isn’t more frugal in her spending.

Eyes on The Prize 

Tony & Diane attend D Dream’s burial in a desperate attempt to meet and get his parents to sign over his song to them, but Diane informs him it is a thing of sorrow for parents to attend the burial of their child. She asks them to leave but tony insists they stay “you never know what kind of talent we might find”

Tony recognises TT while she was performing at the burial and this further re-enforces his decision to get TT signed under his talent agency.

Tony, struggling to communicate in English and Yoruba, tries to get D Dream’s parents to sign a document that states he’ll give them a monthly stipend to no avail but Diane helps communicate in pidgin. D Dream’s dad tries to dissuade her from signing but the mother acts like she doesn’t understand. Recall the dad has stroke and has lost all motor functions. She proceeds to sign the document.

Unplanned Parenthood

Fever gets home to find Kelechi crying. Kelechi reveals she’s pregnant again and a frustrated Fever asks why she got pregnant. Things are about to get heated but he decides to calm the situation; “We’ll be fine…somehow.”

7 Years A Slave

On his way out of Free One Media (Francesca’s Office), Diane calls to inform Tony she’s got TT’s address and she’s willing to have a meeting with them.

Tony offers TT a contract way better than she was getting from chief. TT reveals she signed 7 years under Chief, gets peanuts as monthly allowance, nothing from her endorsements and a measly 10% on revenues without the car and accommodation promised.

TT’s dad expressed his lack of optimism as he doesn’t believe chairman will be willing to release TT from her contract. Tony says he understands and opts to leave. Will the never say never guy give up so easily?

The Big Break?

AKG is particularly cranky as he’s nursing his swollen face as a result of Eazy’s punch. Shina comes in and attempts to make peace but AKG is adamant about firing Eazy for good and getting a new producer.

While AKG is in the studio obviously struggling to make sense of his latest work, Fever comes in for a brief meeting. AKG offers him a job to produce exclusively Fire Records with a great pay. Fever is elated and can’t wait to start. After explaining he has some personal issues to sort, he gets an upfront payment and is given a room in the mansion.

Eazy Way Out

Eazy’s busy working on a beat when his aunt (whom he’s currently squatting with) comes in and starts complaining about him not having a job. He tries to explain how he intends to make money doing music on his own but she insists he should either go back to working at the church for N20,000 monthly or go back to AKG. “Whenever you’re with him, you’re not a burden to me.” She said. Out of frustration, Eazy calls Tony and opts to accept his offer.

30 Million For The Account O

The sweet-talking Tony is in a meeting with Madam Cynthia (Lydia Forson), owner of Club Cube to complete their discussion on getting funding for her record label, Cube Records to be run by himself. The obviously impressed Madam Cynthia drops a cheque of N30,000,000 to start the label.

Now Or Never

Tony heads straight to the house for a meeting with Eazy and hands him a 80-20% contract informing him he either takes the offer at the table or it’ off the table; creating a sense of urgency without giving him room to think about it. Eazy reluctantly signs the contract – and becomes Cube Records.

Let My People Go

Tony goes in for a meeting with Chief who assumes he’s bringing TT a show. He’s angered when Tony proposes to manage TT under his artiste management company but chief angrily kicks him out of his office.

Diane gets Tony details from her research on Chief and directs him to an address where he meets Chief’s relatives. He asks them for some sensitive information and pays them for it. Unknown to them, he was recording a video of them spilling the tea with his mobile phone.

He heads to the Chief’s office a second time and plays him the video which obviously reveals incriminating details about his (Chief) business which enrages him. Tony blackmails chief into signing TT over to him. “This is Tony, I know what I want and I will always get what I want”.

Will Fever fill Eazy’s shoes? What has Eazy gotten himself into? Is TT now safe? Will Chief strike back?

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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