Jodie writes encouraging words to parents who have children with special needs

Singer Jodie wrote this morning on her Facebook page, encouraging  parents who have kids with special needs.


She wrote:

“G’morn  Lately I’ve been pondering on how my life turned around since God “shocked” me into *Godsciousness* through events in my life – especially by giving me a special son. My boy is special – not because of what the medical system thinks, but because he actually IS special indeed.

Dear special parent, sometimes, God wraps gifts in cases we may not understand at first, but as the gift unfolds, we are struck by the awesomeness and mercy of God. I used to ask “Why me?” (in sorrow) months ago, but now, I ask “Why me?” out of deep gratitude. I don’t care what you think may have happened to cause your child to be the way he/she is at the moment – you may say it’s the hospital that caused it; or the doctors may have said it’s genetic; or maybe a sickness shortly after he/she was born… whether it were avoidable or unavoidable: whatever the case you think it is, remember this, “God has ALLOWED it to happen”.

Please submit to Him… the PURPOSE will be accomplished. Follow Him one day at a time – that is what I am doing o! As you go through, things will be clearer. That child is God’s child FIRST and be assured God loves him/her more than you do. He laid down His life for that child and we are all meant for Him. (Rev 4:11) This text is not for everyone, but if it is meant for you, please take it to heart. God is sovereign God is all-knowing God is all-seeing God! God!! God!!! God is the reason I can smile again. Have a blessed day”

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