Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 5: Beef #IndustreetTVDrama #Industreet

Will Fever fill Eazy’s shoes? What has Eazy gotten himself into? Is TT now safe? Will Chief strike back? Those were questions we had after the last week’s episode (Ep.4) of Industreet TV Drama.

Things are going crazy right now.

industreetLet’s Cook

Diane sees a comment by Eazy on Industreet’s blog and alerts Tony, who angrily calls Eazy, lashes out at him, and suggests he does a diss track instead and handle it like a real artiste would; Turns out in his usual fashion, Tony was actually excited and figured the beef would bring in an influx of cash to the label.

Tight Grip

Otunba is trying to get the kids to come home for a holiday but Madam Cynthia insists they are too much work and she’s got business to handle. From the looks of things, she’s the dominant in the marriage and has him wrapped around her fingers.

Calculated Moves

On a visit with TT to Tony’s office, her dad is worried about her signing another contract and tries to delay the process, Tony insists he read the contract and after the mouth-watering offers seen, TT doesn’t need her dad’s permission to take the offer anymore.

Tony informs his wife, Amara and kids he’s decided to send them to Disney Land for a holiday. Amara doesn’t like the idea of Tony picking work at the expense of his family but he already anticipated her reaction and presents her a gift.

What The Boss Wants, The Boss Gets

Francesca’s staff want Tillaman on FreeOne Media exclusively but he insists on a nonexclusive deal. Francesca isn’t having that and pulls out all the stops to get them.

Just as Tillaman and his manager are about to sign a deal with BHM, Francesca’s staff calls them and offers an even juicier deal they couldn’t resist. They immediately walk out of the meeting.

Dangerous Attraction

While Sonorous is struggling with the song he’s currently working on, Gbemisoke, Mary helps him, but when they start getting a little too intimate, she gets uncomfortable and jets out of the awkward situation. Seems they’re beginning to get attached and she feels weird about getting close to D Dream’s close friend and hype man. What will people say?


Fever shows up to the house bearing gifts and Kelechi is curious to know where he got the cash. He reveals he’s got a job with Firehouse Records and got an advance payment. Finally, a glimmer of hope for the young couple?


Tony takes Small G, Eazy and Puffy Tee to their new apartment he calls Nelly Villa; a mansion with a swimming pool and an in-house studio. To their delight, Tony even gifts them his car. Diane confronts him about giving his car to the artistes but he eventually reveals he’s buying himself a brand-new car.

While Diane is managing expenses, she notices Tony trying to short-change TT regarding the Apartment and personal car; he wants her to live with the boys and get her a used car. Diane gets Tony to agree to getting her a house in a good environment but goes on board with him when he tells her he’s getting her (Diane) a brand-new car instead. Self-preservation above all, no?

industreetIt’s Going Down

After Eazy releases his diss song aimed at AKG, he (AKG) takes the direct route by releasing his diss song, directly mentioning Eazy. Osas is afraid Eazy will let loose and finish AKG with his response. He makes his position known to Shina, who is in full support of AKG’s decision.

On hearing AKG’s response to his diss track, Eazy goes instantly into the studio and delivers his fiercest bars yet, totally tearing AKG apart. Even those around AKG agree this is fire. He walks in on them listening to the diss, goes angry as usual and in the process, breaks FEVER’S laptop and some studio equipment.

Will Mary & Sonorous be able to work together without getting things complicated?

 Is TT truly in the promised land?

What happens to Fever?

Has Eazy won the battle? 

What will AKG do?

We’ll  find out on the next episode of Industreet.

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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