Residents of Lekki Peninsula, Ikoyi and Victoria Island tax Lagos State Government to abate perennial flooding in the area

The Concerned Citizens of Lekki Peninsula, Ikoyi and Victoria Island: a coalition of estates in the Lekki -Epe axis have called on the Lagos State Government to ensure the immediate removal of all obstructions to the natural watercourse in the area and uphold the sanctity of the Lekki regional master plan. The call was made at a press conference organised by the coalition on the:

Lagos island residents

The request is coming in the wake of the recent flooding that affected most part of Lagos island. According to the coalition, the recent massive flooding of the area is caused by the indiscriminate sand filling of natural watercourse, oceans and lagoons in the area and the inability of the Government to implement the Lekki drainage regional master plan.

While speaking at a press conference called to address the issue, Mr Olusegun Ladega, representing the coalition said, ” a number of issues were identified as remote causes of the flood. Firstly, a distortion of the Lekki drainage regional master plan caused by the indiscriminate sand filling of natural water ways, and the illegal constructions of structures on drainages and canals that obstruct the flow of water so that flood has nowhere to go.

Secondly, the inability of the critical ministries – Environment, Waterfront, Land and Physical Planning to work together which has resulted in infringement and breach of environmental laws by the ministries themselves and poor enforcement of environmental laws, building regulations and town planning guidelines.

A third cause of the flood is the sand filling of lagoons and oceans causing coastal erosion and forcing water back to land and the inability of estates developers to produce Environmental Impact Analysis reports.”

Mr Ladega implored the Lagos State Government to resolve these issues as they are not the result of indiscriminate dumping of refuse and climate change. The coalition further proposed immediate actions needed to abate the flooding: ” as tax paying citizens of Lagos State, we ask the Lagos State Government to stop all sand filling activities across the state until the Environmental Impact Assessment reports are made available.

Lagos State Government should enforce the original drainage master plan. All distortions on the drainage master plan should be reversed and all construction hindering flow of water be removed immediately and there should be a restoration of all development to comply with the Lagos State environmental laws.

An emergency plan should be put in place that will address the persistence flooding and attend to residents affected by flooding.

Adequate measures must be put in place to inform the public of the emergency plan that will inform the public of the dangers, a plan for the rescue of anyone affected, relocation of those whose properties are affected in case of another flood.”

Damage the infrastructure of the estate in the region, buildings, household items and vehicles due to the flooding runs into over a billion Naira.

The Concern Citizens of Lekki Peninsula, Ikoyi and Victoria Island hope that Government will act on these issues quickly to save lives and properties in the axis.

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