6 ways to sleep better on overnight flights

If you want to arrive in a destination rested and ready to go, you will have to ensure good sleep on overnight flights. While it may seem like an impossible task, there are ways to improve your sleep quality on long-haul flights. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares 6 simple tips that will help you sleep better.

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Make Time for Relaxation Before Boarding

Some airports offer ways to relax before you board. You can take advantage of this to lounge while waiting for your flight. This can help you get into the sleeping spirit even before you board.

Medicate appropriately

If you have to use drugs to sleep, you should be very careful with the kind you use. In fact, before popping anyone, see your doctor to make the prescription.

Turn off the Screen

Before you sleep on overnight flights, turn off the seatback screen if there is one. The blue light cast from screens will not allow you sleep well. Hence, turning it off is an easy way to create a sleeping atmosphere.

Create your sleep space

On overnight flights, create your space to sleep by using a sleep mask to block out light, and sleep headphones that keep out the noise. Combining this two with your preferred travel pillow,  while reclining your seat a bit can help you get a restful a night.

Make sure your feet are warm 

Except when they are too hot, plane cabins are very cold. If you’re planning on sleeping on an overnight flight, you should remove your shoes. And if you take your shoes off, you will need slippers that is if you are not wearing socks.

Bring an Extra Blanket

Some airlines include a clean blanket on each seat of an overnight flight. But those blankets won’t usually cover a whole person and it may not be used by only you. Therefore, it is better to bring an extra blanket or scarf to cover your whole body.

Wear sleep attire

Wearing tight clothes will never allow you sleep whether it is overnight or not. Hence, try as much as possible to wear loose attires. Be sure to layer so you can adjust your temperature easily by adding or shedding items of clothing.

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