Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 6: A Star Is Born

Last week on Industreet, Sonorous & Mary start getting some sort of vibe going on, TT is living in paradise, Feva is experiencing AKG first hand, Eazy is having the time of his life and AKG is being, well…AKG! What happens next? Let’s get into it.

SPOILERS BELOW: If you’ve not seen this episode, go watch on before reading this.


Sonorous, Mary & Ahmed head to City FM for an interview with Ada. While waiting at the lobby, – as they got there a bit early– Ada seizes the opportunity to play them AKG’s diss to Eazy. Sonorous notices the beat sounds like Feva’s and Ahmed states if he finds out the beat was stolen, he’ll sue. He tries calling Feva and to his amazement, the ring back tune is D Dream’s single, Controller. He puts Sonorous’ mind to rest and decides to get to the bottom of it.

He pays a visit to D Dream’s parents and is informed they signed a contract when Tony paid them a visit. Ahmed is angry as he rushes to Tony’s office threatening lawsuits but Tony in his calm manner, insists Ahmed’s efforts will be futile as he didn’t do anything illegal.

While Ahmed laments to Ada, Tony calls and attempts to make peace by offering Ahmed a spot for Sonorous to perform at the Megacomms Beach Splash Concert he’s in charge of. Ada advises him [Ahmed] to bury the hatchet and accept the offer.

Time to Shine

TT and her dad pay a visit to her new apartment Tony got her as promised. After praying, she asks if there’s an in-house studio but Tony informs her she’ll have to record at the studio in Nelly Villa with the boys. She’s worried going there with public transport will be stressful but he assures her she’ll get her official car soon.

Eazy is having a field day with Small G after learning about AKG’s incident when Puffy Tee informs them TT is in the building. Eazy seems to have a crush on TT and the boys have no problem taunting him.

After the introductions, Puffy Tee informs TT Tony wants them to make new music with the aim of making her more marketable. TT makes him understand she already makes hit music and Eazy – who at this point is basically a fan boy – agrees with her. Puffy shuts him up and gets down to business.

industreetBeginning of The End

While AKG is performing at a beach event, the microphone starts malfunctioning. AKG goes on the offensive and starts insulting the Dj, Event Organisers, Sponsors and Fans. Causing a scene – a possibly career denting move. The fans go crazy when the Dj starts playing Eazy’s diss to AKG, Akagum and takes off before AKG gets to the booth.

On a TV program, Entertainment News, Stevenator and his colleagues discuss AKG’s incident where they allege he takes hard drugs and bash him on national television. They advise him to make a public apology to the fans and organisers but he’s not having any of that. They also discuss his incident in the studio where he destroyed his own equipments. AKG is shocked!

AKG’s calls for a meeting trying to find out who revealed the studio incident and as he’s interrogating them, Osas and Feva start pointing fingers at each other. AKG seizes both their phones. Feva starts thinking he made a mistake joining fire records.


Feva is in a sour mood and asks Kelechi to end her banter with friends over the phone. He reveals his anger and frustration about AKG seizing his phone and tells her about the situation. This leads to the realisation Kelechi leaked the information after he told her; inadvertently making Feva the snitch.

industreetLife Is Eazy

Angry about the development, Francesca breathes fire down the necks of her staff who insist they heard AKG was under the influence during his performance. She warns them to take control and prevent any future occurrence.

While brainstorming on a replacement for AKG, Tony suggests Eazy and Francesca approves.

Tony informs Madam Cynthia Eazy will be performing at the beach concert and she’s so excited that she asks the entire Cube Records artistes to perform at the club and offers 20 bottles of champagne free to guests.

The Samaritan

While Sonorous and Ahmed talk about opportunities for promoting his latest single, Gbemisoke, Ahmed reveals Tony offered them a spot at the Megacomms Beach Splash. Sonorous begs him to accept the offer and he says he’ll think about it.

Tony invites Ahmed and offers to let Sonorous perform at the club alongside Cube Records artistes. Seems he is trying to soften Ahmed’s heart and it just might be working.

Gobe (Trouble)

Chief Robinson (Daddy Freeze) calls Tony, pissed about him replacing AKG with Eazy but Tony explains it’s not personal and Francesca has the final say.

After Chief gets off the phone, he threatens to bring AKG “down!” if he doesn’t behave himself. AKG humbles himself and seeks to right his wrongs.

Sonorous encounters his friend, Martinsfeelz riding a tricycle who – in a brief chat – talked about Sonorous ‘showing him the way’ as his true calling is music. He drops Sonorous at his destination.

Sonorous gets to the laundry man where he borrows clothes he wears to perform at shows. The laundry man warns him not to wear the cloth in the area as the owner stays around; that seems to have fallen on deaf ears as on his way to see Mary, the owner of the cloth Sonorous is wearing spots him and humiliate him publicly as they try to take their clothes off him on the road.

With AKG on a downward spiral, what becomes of him? Will Eazy seize the moment? Is Ahmed safe, or is Tony up to something?  What happens to Sonorous?

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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