Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 7: Done Deal

Last week on Industreet, AKG is steady ‘going down’, things are falling into place for Eazy, Tony is cosying up to Ahmed, and Sonorous is on the verge of being stripped naked on the street. What happens next? Read on.

SPOILERS BELOW: If you’ve not seen this episode, go watch on before reading this.

industreetSaving Grace

Luckily for Sonorous, Mary arrives just in time with her neighbour who managed to diffuse the situation before it got out of hand – of course they took their clothes off him.

While clad in Mary’s wrapper, Jane comes in insulting him and Mary comes in with clothes she just purchased for him. She bashes Jane for being an ass about his situation and continues encouraging him as they prepare to head out to the club.

They arrive Club Cube where the party is already live and meet Tony in the VIP section with Diane who directs them to the artiste’s corner.

industreetBad Fortune

Beat FM OAP, Gbemi spills the tea about the AKG incident and goes ahead to play Akagum on air. Further taunting him, ‘comman beat me’.

AKG’s video shoot is ongoing when Jane and her other dancers step in. AKG disrupts the shoot and sends Jane out; referring to her as bad luck. Director Skillz (JJC Skillz) continues the shoot.

Osas is in AKG’s car bragging to a lady, lying he funds his projects when AKG calls on his way out with a lady he just “entertained” asking for his car angrily. Osas pretends he’s having a calm conversation with him and discharges the lady to return the car.

Chief Robinson is in a meeting apologising to Francesca when AKG comes in late because of Osas’ act. He bashes him while he [AKG] goes down on his knees to beg Francesca who forgives him but insists he won’t be performing at the beach concert.


As Sonorous gets on stage to perform at Club Cube, he freezes in fear & anxiousness. The crowd starts booing him, worsening his case, but Ada & Jane start clapping and encouraging him. He musters up courage and delivers a stellar performance to the amazement of the crowd – impressing Tony, Diane and even Madam Cynthia.

Sonorous gets off the stage and in the craze of the moment, Mary rushes towards him, gives him a hug and plants a kiss on his lips. They both seem dazed for a moment and she rushes off leaving him reminiscing about his days with D Dream; asking him how he talks to ladies when Mary walks in and Sonorous immediately has his tongue in his throat. Apparently, he had a thing for Mary but couldn’t act on it as D Dream already had a rapport with her.

Ahmed and Sonorous talk about the kiss and encourages him to go for Mary before she’s snatched by someone else. They also talk about plans to make music video for Gbemisoke.

industreetIn a meeting, Sonorous and Ahmed beg director Skillz to shoot their video for 100k but he insists the least he’d do is 1M. He ends up deciding to shoot for 500k. Ahmed drops 200k and promise to pay the balance. Ahmed is really giving project Sonorous his all.

Sonorous visits Mary at the shop to discuss the kiss and asks to take her out on a treat. Jane walks in complimenting Sonorous and starts ‘famzing’ after seeing him in action the previous night.

industreetBad Blood

While TT is instructing her dancers at Nelly Villa, Jane comes in. On seeing her, Eazy tells TT to get her off the dance crew. Jane gets angry and causes a scene; threatening to deal with him.

industreetBack at the office, Diane is moody and after being pressed to say what the problem is, she reveals she’s pregnant. Tony wants her to get rid of the baby but she has had enough of the abortions and insists on keeping the baby.

Tony calls and informs Ahmed that Madam Cynthia wants to see him and sonorous, but he is out of town.

Sonorous & Mary get all loved up at the eatery when Ahmed informs him Madam Cynthia wants to see him. Seems they’ve skipped the awkward stage.

Strike Two!

Sonorous arrives Cube Records and meets Madam Cynthia and her friends who at this point seem to be his groupies. They ask to take pictures, one asks him to take his glasses off to see his eyes. They talk about the accident that cost him his eye after which both ladies start calling dibs on him.

Tony comes in and takes him to the lobby where he instructs him to sign a contract to join Cube Records if he wants to feature Wizkid in the remix of Gbemisoke as said by madam Cynthia. In his usual fashion, he puts him under duress telling him she doesn’t like to be kept waiting, if he doesn’t sign the contract immediately, he’ll lose the opportunity of a lifetime. After attempting to reach Ahmed on phone to no avail, he succumbs to the pressure.

He shows Ahmed the contract only for him to realise he has been signed out and Sonorous is now managed under Cube Records.

Madam Cynthia seems to fancy Sonorous, can’t wait to see what comes of it. Are Sonorous and Mary now a thing, just like that? What’s Diane’s plan? Will Tony fold his arms and watch Diane put his family at risk? What’s next for AKG? What happens to Ahmed?

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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