Do Nigerian celebs need social media etiquette? Oreka Godis, Emma Nyra and Toolz exchange views on ‘The Wrap Up’ (Ep. 11)

Calling out haters, businesses and frenemies has become the order of the day for Nigerian celebrities. With the advent of social media, people have become quick to address beef, rumours and other issues they might have with colleagues and companies. Some even go as far as dragging their spouses and business partners on social media.

social media etiquette

This wasn’t the case some years back when interviews had to be granted to address controversies in weekend editions of magazines and newspapers. Today, dealing with such issues has become what Nigerians will call “as e dey hot” – that is instantly, without haste.

On episode 11 of Accelerate TV’s Wrap Up with Toolz, On-Air Personality, Oreka Godis and Nigerian Singer-Songwriter, Emma Nyra talk at length on different ways to approach social media issues, especially when another party is trying to make trouble.

According to Oreka, there should be social media etiquette classes which would teach “a 5-second rule” that ensures people think deeply about the after-effects of callouts and clapbacks while also considering better ways like telephoning, emailing or texting the parties involved to deal with their anger.

Emma Nyra, on the other hand, believes ‘subs’ (subliminal messages directed at someone without mentioning names or handles) are a more effective way of getting apprehension off one’s chest.

Watch video below:

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