Industreet Recap: Season 1 Ep. 8: Finally

On the previous episode of Industreet, Madam Cynthia is up to something, Tony just poached Sonorous and the bomb just dropped on Ahmed. The cut throat world of the industry is really revealing itself in all its glory now. What happens next?

SPOILERS BELOW: If you’ve not seen this episode, go watch on before reading this.

industreetUnwitting Betrayal

While Sonorous shows Mary around his new apartment at Nelly Villa with his new label mates, he laments his unwitting betrayal of Ahmed when his new manager walks in; handing him a welcome package from Tony.

After Mary suggests he talks to Tony about Ahmed’s exclusion from the deal, Sonorous asks Diane about the possibility of having a meeting with Tony, but after inquiring his intent, she tells him it’s too late for that and advises him to focus on his upcoming video shoots in the works.

Just before Puffy Tee and Sonorous head to the studio to start recording his next single, we see Puffy Tee, Eazy and Small G dining where Small G makes it known he thinks Sonorous is razz and beneath them. Meanwhile, after seeing his progress, Jane is so desperate to feature in Sonorous’ music videos that she calls him pretending to be Mary begging him to feature her sister in his videos.


While frustrated about his fortune in recent times, Ahmed receives cash gifts from Sonorous. Seeing it as a sort of unfair consolation, he flares up but Ada implores him to calm down and understand Sonorous didn’t betray him on purpose. When Solar FM OAP, Larry Foreman, premieres Sonorous’ news single, Finally, among listeners reacting to it is Ahmed who seems to be reminded of his loss which puts him back in a sour mood.

Money Talks, Tony Works

In a meeting with Tony, a hilarious and delusional artiste, Mic-L (Igwe 2Pac), makes his intention to be managed by Nelly Concepts known and after listening to the terrible song, Tony charges him N20M for promotions –possibly to chase him away– but Mic-L who is the son of a wealthy professor opts to pay N15M. He signs a cheque of N10M as the deposit and Tony swings into action.

After presenting the budget of N8M for Sonorous’ video shoot to Madam Cynthia and getting her approval, Tony and Diane meet with Director Skillz and tell him their budget for both videos is N3M. He rejects it and they end up agreeing to N5M.

During a conversation at Diane’s place, her friend suggests she gets back together with her ex, Dele, who might be willing to take her back. Diane isn’t welcoming the suggestion and insists the topic be changed.


In a meeting with Chief Robinson, AKG & Shina play him their new song but he registers his displeasure. It turns out AKG has been squandering the money for promotion. AKG drives off angrily leaving Shina behind as he almost exposed him by denying any knowledge of the funds provided during the meeting.

industreetBack at fire House mansion, Feva requests a raise from AKG after getting the exorbitant bill for his introduction from Kelechi but AKG but snaps at him informing him he’s been doing rubbish; ordering Feva to give him complete songs henceforth leaving him[Feva] stunned.

In a heated argument that ensues when Shina gets back home, AKG ends up sending both Shina and Osas packing.

In a scene that seems to suggest a looming feud between Francesca and Chief Robinson, her PA informs her 2 acts billed to perform at her concert will no longer be available due to the change in the date. While ordering her PA to fix the situation, Chief Robinson calls to lament the new date clashes with his concert but Francesca who isn’t having any of that ends the call and asks not to be bothered by his call henceforth.

Not Shining

After playing Mic-L’s Amoshine on the radio, Larry Foreman’s boss, Mr Gabriel, comes in and orders him to cease playing it as it doesn’t meet Solar FM’s standards. After noticing the decline in airplay, Mic-L complains in a meeting to pay the balance but Tony assures him it’s a mix up and will be rectified.

After being informed Mr Gabriel placed an embargo on the song, Tony meets him up and attempts to bribe him but he blatantly refuses his offer in a way that angers Tony. I can bet Tony will end up attempting to blackmail him to get his way.


In a meeting with the entire Cube Records artistes where Tony commends the entire team’s effort and informs Sonorous his video shoots will commence soon, Small G requests to do a collaboration with Sonorous to the surprise of Eazy who recalls Small G stating Sonorous is beneath their level. Tony however announces they’ll have a collaboration instead and the team is elated.

At the close of the meeting, Diane confronts TT after noticing she was high all through the meeting, it was about to get into a heated argument when Tony cuts it short, dismissing TT and telling Diane to leave her alone; if getting high is what keeps her on her A game then so be it.

While TT performs, and wows the crowd at Club Cube, Mic-L insists he performs next and Tony approves. As he starts performing Amoshine, the crowd isn’t feeling him. Sensing the rather poor reception, he stops and confronts the crowd. Just then, they start chanting for Sonorous who gets on stage and wows them with his latest single, Finally. Just as Small G gets on stage for his performance, Tony is arrested for fraud and Diane collapses while trying to stop them; causing a panic in the club.


A power tussle seems to be on the horizon between Francesca & chief Robinson.

Sonorous is catapulting into rapid fame and Shina seems to have had just enough of AKG.

With TT on drugs, hope she’s not heading down the path of destruction?

What will Mic-L do next?

Who could have reported Tony?

Will Diane be okay?

Industreet airs on Africa Magic Urban (DSTV 153) 7pm every Saturday with a repeat broadcast 10:30am every Wednesday. You can stream the latest episodes before they hit TV screens on and SceneOneTV mobile app.

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