Top 10 International scholarships for African students

Going to another country, living in another culture, studying abroad in another language is an unforgettable experience. It is a valuable experience that will help you in the future to achieve a lot and make a dizzying career. This is an excellent opportunity to master the foreign language, to learn new and expand your horizons and a chance to look at life in another perspective.

Many employers are interested in the employees experienced living and working in another country, fluent in foreign languages, and an international diploma from a renowned university. A person who decides to receive education abroad is independent, purposeful and resourceful, he is able to cope with difficulties and plan his life.

A distinctive feature of studying abroad is its practical orientation. Foreign universities are keen to train such specialists, which are needed today and will be required tomorrow in the market. Modern education allows you to gain experience in the process of studying abroad, and by the time of obtaining a diploma, most students are already employed. If you are a student from Africa and you want to get a Ph.D. abroad with scholarship, this article is for you.

These International organizations strive to expand African students contributing to the sponsorship of their education through creative and innovative means. Read the information about each program, choose and study abroad!

  1. The Netherlands Encouragement Programmes (NFP)
    Predominantly it is a short course for African students, aimed at promoting the development of knowledge, skills, and qualifications of both individuals and institutions of higher education and vocational education.The half of the possible scholarships are dedicated to women.

    2. Scholarships to study in Flanders, Belgium
    The stipend for African, Asian and Latin American students to attend one of the selected training or Master programmes and learn English. But any language is difficult at the beginning, try to ask for write my essays and keep calm. The program is devoted for those, who pretend to study in Belgium.

    3. UCD Global Excellence Graduate Scholarships in Ireland
    The international university College Dublin offers the fellowship, which is going to become the wonderful encouragement for students who apply for the UCD’s graduate programs. You do not have to worry about your financial state because the scholarship gives the financial support for the whole year.

4. GDAI Ph.D. Scholarship for African Students at SOAS in the UK
The purpose of promotion is of building skills, developing talent, and enabling Africans to improve the quality of governance in their states. Each applicant must have an Academic English language degree.

5. Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies Fellowships in Humanities
The vast amount of the stipends are for writers, scholars, and translators. You don’t’ need to pass any tests.The purpose of the fellowship is to improve applicant’s knowledge of the Icelandic culture and language.

6. INSEAD Mette Roed Heyerdahl Memorial Scholarship for MBA Students
The international scholarship in the field of Business Administration for those women who want to continue their career in their region. You have to write why you need to be a participant of the proposed course in your application form.

7. Stanford Africa MBA Fellowships in the USA
The stipends which are purposed to support financially the African students who wish to obtain an MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business. The applicants have to know English well.

8. The Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund
African area is full of dangerous infectious diseases. And it’s always not enough the professionals from the foreign countries to control their amount. This full scholarship was created to support African scientists who are able to reduce the amount of those dangerous species.

9. Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships
A distance learning program, which is available for students from Africa. The purpose of the program is to contribute to development needs of Commonwealth countries by providing training for skilled and qualified professionals in key areas of development. It would be best for those students who wish to access learning not available in their home countries and who have the potential to enhance the development of their home countries with the knowledge and leadership skills they acquire.

10. Women Techmakers Scholars Program
The full encouragement program of Dr. Anita Borg, which aims to create a gender equality in the field of computer science. To become a participant of the Women Techmakers Scholarship you have to identify yourself as a female and be keen on computer technologies.

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