Caroline Danjuma rains curses on those she accused of killing a man named Tagbo

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Caroline Danjuma made a call out where she accused Crooner Davido and his friends of supposedly killing someone called Tagbo.

Caroline Danjuma

According to Caroline, Tagbo died in Davido’s car last night, and they all wore face-cap to hide their identity, after allegedly dumping him at the hospital.

She wrote:

“Davido where is Tagbo …. he was with you and ur crew last night … you all wore face cap to hide your identities after he died in ur car.. u dumped him at general hospital and ran away … the law must play its role this time .. you all better provide Tagbo alive .. @davidoofficial.

After you all abandoned him at general hospital you continued you stupid grooving at DNA and had the nerves to promote ur show .. this ain’t no ordinary boy you can intimidate his family … we need you to tell us how he died in ur car and why u ran away.. the police and the hospital confirmed u all ran away .. if u think ur money can save u , u just met ur match . Promise .”

In another post where she shared the picture of the deceased, she wrote:

“Even in death lies are being said of you .. those who knew you knew you never drink to an extent of getting drunk … the wicked shall never go unpunished .. RIP.. the truth is already out . Today is your birthday .. happy super birthday”

This is a serious accusation o. See photo of the deceased below:

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