Kanye West keeps strict track on surrogate mother, wants her to play only his music

Kanye West likes to take things to the extreme, but apparently he’s driving his wife Kim Kardashian West crazy with his ludicrous demands of the couple’s surrogate.

Kanye West

As the surrogate mother gears up to birth one of the most famous babies in the world, the rapper has got the woman under his thumb, according to Heat magazine.

According to Heat, he’s demanding the woman be available whenever he asks – heaven forbid she be getting the forty winks required in order to grow a human – as well as only eat chef-prepared meals and that, most hilariously, she plays only Kanye’s music.

A source told the magazine the duo even randomly make surprise visits to see she’s doing everything they say.

“He’s literally checked everything in her home for safety, right down to the soap she uses. The drop-ins are probably the worst part – she always needs to make sure everything in her home is up to their exacting standards. He’s now pushing Kim to let the surrogate actually move in with them for the last few months.”

And Kim isn’t handling it well, with the source adding: “Kim just lets Kanye be Kanye, but she feels bad for the woman carrying their baby, because she knows how strict he can be.

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