Solidstar says he once hawked pure water to fund his music career

Singer, Joshua Iniyezo, popularly known by his stage name SolidStar, shared some of his past experiences with Sunday Scoop and said he once hawked pure water and puff puff to fund his music career.


“It wasn’t really easy for me at the beginning. I had to do a lot of things just to make it. There was a time I was hawking sachet water and pastry (puff puff), and it was the money I made from that ‘business’ that I used to pay for my first studio session.

But through all the struggles, I never gave up because I knew I had a bright future ahead of me. I’m not there yet, but I thank God that my efforts are starting to pay off,” he said.

SolidStar who has been accused by some people of riding on the crest of other established artistes through collaborations to promote his songs, but he rubbished that allegation saying, “For as long as music has been in existence, there have always been collaborations. Can you imagine how the world would be like if there were no collaborations? By collaborating with other artistes, one is able to create a fusion of sounds. I do not deny that collaborations have helped my career, but that was never my intention. I’m all about making good music, and I would work with whoever I feel can deliver on whatever I’m working on.”

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