8 best tips on dressing for your body

You have probably heard the term body types and briefly wondered what type you are. You may not realise just how important that information is to your style, though. If you look in the mirror and wonder, why your new outfit doesn’t look as great on you as it did on the model then there’s a good chance you are getting your style all wrong for your body type.

best tips on dressing

We’ve all heard about the typical shapes like apple, pear, and hourglass, but you might have noticed not everyone fits under those umbrellas and there’s a reason why – there are far more body types out there than just that! So, check out these tips on how best to dress for your body type.


  • The Hourglass


Curvy with a tiny waist. You should be emphasising those curves by highlighting that tiny waist – a great way to do that is through belted dresses, wrap dresses, high waisted shorts, pencil skirts, crop tops, and even wide leg trousers. A lot of curvy women make the mistake of trying to play down the curves – don’t fall prey to that habit!


  • The Apple


If your lower body is thin and you carry all of your weight around your belly, then you’re an apple shape. This can be a challenging body type to deal with because it seems like no matter what you do it’s impossible to hide your belly. You feel self-conscious and close to giving up. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! The best way to hide your belly is by highlighting your legs and your shoulders. Swing coats, high-waisted flounce skirts, shift dresses, and low-waisted cigarette leg trousers should be your bread and better. All of these will help you avoid a bulging stomach, highlighting the best of you.


  • The Banana


You don’t have curves to speak of and it appears as though your hips and waist are one – you are the banana. The key is to dress so your bust and hips look bigger, which is why you need to emphasise the thinnest area of your waist. You can do that by wearing ruffled tops, cropped jackets, tapered trousers, and a side cut-out dress. It might be a challenge, but with the right fashion choices you can definitely pull this off.


  • The Pear


Everyone is familiar with the pear shape, it’s the bottom heavy and top light body type. So, if the widest part of your body is your hips then let’s talk. You’ll find flattering clothes like a fit and flare dress (particularly if it’s off the shoulder), A-line skirts, structured jackets, and boot-cut trousers.


  • Tall


If you’re looking for a way to minimise your height, then you should accentuate your neck area – particularly helpful in this is a stunning statement necklace. Additionally, you’ll want to choose clothing that truly fits – so it’s important that your dresses sit properly at the waist or you’ll only succeed in cutting your torso and looking awkward. Embrace your height, though, and if you want to wear heels – do it!


  • Plus-Size


Perhaps the biggest challenge for the plus-size women out there is finding clothing that fits – it can be difficult to find a store that stocks the right sizes. Choose dresses and tops that will drape over any curves you have and opt to combine just one tailored piece into each outfit. So, if you’ve chosen a billowy top and a knee-length skirt you can finish it with a tailored jacket.


  • The Column


The boyish boxy shape can be difficult to deal with, but don’t worry we have you covered. Create a waist with a thick belt and experiment with contrasting colours to create some definition around your bust area. Adding heels on special occasions can help elongate your body.


  • Petite


For petite women, it’s all about proportions and lengths. One way to make yourself appear taller is by wearing three quarter length sleeves. Any dress or skirt should hit just above the knee because if it sits any lower it will just make you look even shorter.

What’s key in dressing for any body type is to always ensure you feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing – that’s the most important piece of fashion that is often lost in the desire to look fabulous. So, if you are trying clothes on and think you look good but you feel awkward and uncomfortable don’t be afraid to pass and keep pushing on your quest to the perfect outfits for your body type.

If you’re ever in doubt, refer back to this handy guide to find the perfect types of clothing that will suit your body type. Before you hit the shops make sure you visit Laura Ashley for incredible discount codes and vouchers – then shop till you drop and pay less for more.

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