You Are Invited! Art therapy event iss here! Sunday, November 19

Dear Friends and Foes, Looking for a creative way to de-stress from Lagos stress? If you don’t have plans for your Sunday (and even if you do) you don’t want to miss a refreshing chill-house Art event to hit the mainland.

Art therapy

Art therapy is as effective as alternative forms of therapy such as mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy, fitness and more. 

As part of #SAVE – Creatives for Mental Health Awareness program, Project Get Naked (@projectgetnaked) & KUMA Nation are bringing a blend of Therapy, Art, Music, Food & Networking in a playful and colourful package of ART THERAPY Event .

ART THERAPY Event Includes: 

Art Therapy . Art Competition . Chill House & Pop . MyFoodie . Independent Bar . Doctoora Mental Health Help Desk .  Networking & More

Host: OSA SEVEN (@Osa_Seven)

Co-host: STACEY RAVVERO (@staceyravvero)

Time: 1PM




Dress Code: Colourful & Comfortable



64 College Road, (opposite Coker Close), Ogba


Free parking at African Church Primary School (60 College Road), opposite African Church, College Road, Ogba.

+ KUMA NATION (@KumaNation) Signage, #SAVE x MAXIVIVE (@Maxivive) Activation Spot

Our Art Therapy Categories

For Beginners/Novice artists: 

– Choosing precut images that speaks to one’s emotions (or is likely to help describe your situation) and making it into a magazine photo collage or a photo collage wallpaper/frame. 

The photo collage help participants relate and also get a new perspective or insight to what they may be going through. After the collage is done, participants are asked to create an alternative reality with the collage.

– Coloring papers OR books

For Middle Skilled Artists: 

Participants are often given a pre sketched paper to paint or a therapeutic object/symbol to paint or draw

Expressive Painting Area

For highly skilled artists/painters: 

Participants may be asked to draw or paint a situation that speaks to them or an emotion they may be experiencing. Expressing their emotions on a canvas. 

Expressive Painting Area


Project Get Naked 2017 x KUMA Nation “ART THERAPY” is supported by @Ynaija, @Doctoora, @SoundMindAfrica, @Olorisupergal, @UnilagOlodo & @TahzanMedia

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