Eedris Abdulkareem fires back at 2baba, calls him a “fool, he needs to grow up”

Eedris Abdulkareem has fired back at 2baba who recently in his rant on Twitter urged Eedris to make music for himself and stop talking nonsense all the time.

Eedris Abdulkareem

Eedris, in a new interview with Hip Tv said;

“I was very happy. I wanted him to talk. 2face is a very good, nice and simple guy. I was on tour with 2face, Blackface, Plantashun Boiz, the remedies, and I saw what Blackface did to 2face. When I came back to Lagos, I went solo and did a song called Wakka wiki MC. At the end of the song, I said 2face is the Plantashun, the rest are the Boiz. Forget about what Blackface has done. God has belssed you today, your responsibility is to bless Blackface.

Blackface lost his daughter, his wife divorced him, they sent him out of the house. He was living in Jungle. Even if you don’t know remember am at all, he wrote ‘African Queen’. Guy, you dey craze.

Because of Blackface, I singehandely took you to Kenny Ogungbe (Baba Keke). I took you to him to sign you up. If I was a greedy person, I would take percentage from you. You are a fool. Grow up nigga. I’m okay and doing well.”

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