Facebook bans female users from posting “Men are scum”

Women had accounts banned from Facebook for responding to male trolls with sentences like ‘men are trash,’ deeming it as hate speech.


Comedian Marcia Belsky complained on her Twitter that she was banned for 30 days after posting “Men are scum” as a comment on a friend’s post.

Countless women have taken to Facebook to express their frustration and disappointment with men and have been promptly shut down or silenced, banned from the platform for periods ranging from one to seven days.

A Facebook spokesperson clarified that this is because all genders, races, and religions are all protected characteristics under Facebook’s current policy. However, it’s clear that even with 7,000 Facebook content moderators, things slip through the cracks.

Female users are already thinking the platform is absolutely silencing women.

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  1. I think it is high time standards regarding speech guidelines were applied properly, equally and without bias.

    Saying all women are scum or all black people are scum would immediately be interpreted as hate speech so yes, same must go for all men are scum.

    I am disappointed to see this article trying to use the emotion around responding to a toxic troll as a sort of excuse for what is hurtful generalisation. This seems to verge on being a dishonest straw man to me

    There is a huge difference between a woman coming forward and telling her personal and specific experience and someone demonising an entire demographic.

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