Facebook bans picture of woman delivering her own baby, says it’s pornographic

Facebook has banned a picture of a mother mother delivering her own baby, says it was banned  for being ‘pornographic’.

Obstetrician Lin Tzu-hung, who also goes by his English name Jason, shared the single photo on his personal Facebook account, with the permission of the woman after witnessing the brave patient deliver her child at the Dianthus MFM Center in the Taiwanese capital Taipei.

The unique delivery was possible because of the clinic’s pain-free procedures which use local anaesthetics.

The photo quickly went viral, hitting more than 10,000 likes. But a short while later it was banned. The doctor has now explained that the reason why it was taken down is because Facebook classed the image as pornography. Doctor Lin took to Facebook a second time later in the day to express his disappointment.

He wrote: “Facebook banned my heart-warming mum self-delivery photo as pornography. I’m very upset”.

Other social media users also expressed their disapproval of the ban, which is thought to be have been executed by Facebook’s automated system. The doctor later reposted the same picture to his Instagram account, where it is currently still up and he asked people to got there to see the photo. Some social media users in Taiwan said they understood why the platform would seek to ban such image.

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