Azealia Banks considers suing Remy Ma

Azealia Banks and Remy Ma traded shots last week over their respective careers relaxing in the shade of Nicki Minaj’s shadows.

Remy Ma

Well, the drama may just be taking another turn in the direction of the court.
We’re talking lawsuit-level real.

The controversial rapper posted on her Instagram;

“Just realizing that I can sue Remy Ma for trying to paint me in a false light,” Banks said. “Those pictures were not of my vagina yet she showed them to the world trying to say it was.I responded to something she said publicly and her response was making a private conversation between the two of us public.”

While there hasn’t been any official paperwork filed by any attorneys claiming to represent Banks, there’s the very real possibility that Remy Ma’s name could be subject to some serious legal action in the near future.

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