Stepmother dips the hands of her 1-year-old stepson in hot water for eating her food

According to Muhammad Jamiu Ada-eiza who shared the story, for eating her food, a stepmother dipped the hands of a year and six months old step-son, Buhari in hot water.


Khadijat Adams, from Oboroke Ebe-ba in Ihima Okehi LGA of Kogi State, was arrested by the Police but was released on bail after the little boy’s mom said she will not be pressing charges. Also, the family and community have agreed to resolve the issue amicably.

Buhari, who is said to have  been in the care of his step-mother because his biological mother is estranged from her husband and had to leave without her child. The stepmother is believed to be pregnant with her own child.

See the shared story below:


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