World’s most expensive vodka bottle goes missing at a Danish bar

The world’s most expensive vodka bottle which is estimated to be worth $1.3million recently disappeared from a bar in Copenhagen.

most expensive vodka bottle

The bottle is decorated with roughly 6.6 pounds of gold, as wells 6.6 pounds of silver. The cap is in encrusted with diamonds in the shape of the Russian Imperial Eagle. On its front is a photo of a vintage car, and the actual bottle is made of bullet-proof glass, in case you get involved in some James Bond-level martini drinking.

The bar’s owner Brian Ingberg has offered a reward for anyone who can help find the perpetrators, who were caught on CCTV.

Police investigator Knud Hvass, told newsmen that both men were wearing baseball caps and gloves while one wore a hooded top and the other a sweatshirt.

It was also reported that the two men pulled their clothing over their faces in order to avoid being identified.

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